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All T-shirts in this section at $12 each!
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Frequently Asked Questions: 

(The special offer and the following information applies to Singapore shoppers only. For all other shoppers, visit for more information.)
1. When will I receive my T-shirts?
For $12 Tees, T-shirts are expected to reach you within a week after order confirmation. 
All other T-shirts are imported from the US, so they take longer to deliver.
To help you receive your T-shirts before Christmas, we will be importing the US T-shirts in 2 batches:
i) Order your T-shirts by 2 Nov 08 to receive them around  1 Dec 08.
ii) Order your T-shirts by 20 Nov 08 to receive them around 19 Dec 08.
2. How do I select the right size without the chance to "try it on"?
Simple! Just take out one of your favourite T-shirts at home, and measure its length and width (Click here for the definition of length and width).
Now pick a size on this website with similar width and length. That's it! You can't go wrong there!
3. Can I purchase T-shirts on your website without a credit card?
 Absolutely! We offer 3 convenient payment options:
- credit card;
- bank transfer (for DBS/UOB/OCBC bank accounts in Singapore only); and
- cheques (made payable to "The Shine Movement").
You will be given the option when you submit your order online.
If you have other questions, email us anytime at
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