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All T-shirts in this section at $12 each!
Click here to customize designs for your church camps and other events!
Free delivery for 3 or more!
Sell T shirts for fund-raising!

If you are raising funds for your church, charity or mission trips, we can help you!

1. First choose the design(s) you are interested from here

2. Encourage your friends to buy them

3. Take orders for them and give us the final order (minimum 50 pieces: the more you sell, the more you raise!)

4. You collect the retail price from them, give us back the bulk purchase price (usually 35% discount), and keep the difference!

No upfront fees, so you have absolutely no financial risk to bear! What's more, your friends actually get a cool-looking T-shirt as a token for their "donation"! What better way to raise funds than this?

If this looks like something you would consider, just contact us at We'll work out something for you!

Ongoing fund-raising project: The Shine Movement donates 10% of proceeds to World Vision Singapore, a Christian organisation dedicated to helping poor and vulnerable children worldwide.

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