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All T-shirts in this section at $12 each!
Click here to customize designs for your church camps and other events!
Free delivery for 3 or more!
Christian T-shirts for ministries and events

If you are looking to print T-shirts for an upcoming church camp/conference, or for your ministry (eg. music ministry), this is the page for you!

For your convenience, we offer a few options:

1. Customized Designs

We specialize in customizing T-shirt designs for churches and Christian groups! Camps, concerts, conferences...whatever! No problem! 

Just submit the form found here and we'll be in touch with you within 48 hours.

2. Printing Services

If have ready designs, we can help you print them into T-shirts at attractive prices! The price depends on final design and print quantity, so let's have chat soon so that we can understand your needs better and provide an exact quote.

3. You pick a design, we'll print the T-shirts!

Simply pick any design from here, state the sizes and quantity (no minimum order), and we'll print the T-shirts for you between 4 to 6 weeks! It's that easy!

Optional: Give us your logo (max 3 colours) and we'll print it on the T-shirts!

The price depends on quantity and design selected. We'll provide you an exact quote once we chat with you to better understand your needs.

Alternatively, you may wish to bulk order ready-made T shirts listed on the shopping pages, and enjoy 35% discount off the stated price (minimum 50 pieces).

* Please note that The Shine Movement owns the copyright of all designs listed on the kids or youths/adults sections. We will take legal action against any party who infringes this copyright in any way.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Christian T-shirt specialists at or (65) 9179 1401

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