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Shops selling Shine T shirts!

The list below shows shops in Singapore selling our selected T-shirts. Please note, however, that prices and promotions on this website are not applicable for T-shirts bought at the shops. (Vice versa, prices and promotions at the shops are not applicable on this website.)  

In any case, you may wish to know that buying from this website offers you the WIDEST choices, LOWEST prices and GREATEST convenience!

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1. Breakthrough Artcraft, Gifts and Bookroom

 People's Park Centre, 101 Upper Cross Street #01-05M (tel: +65 6532 6737)

2. SKS Books Warehouse

 Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Road #09-03 (tel: +65 6227 9700)

3. Faithworks 

The Odeon-Katong, level 2, 11 East Coast Rd (tel: +65 6346 0262)


Attention shop owners!

If you own a Christian gift shop (physical or online), and would like to sell our T shirts on consignment, please express your interest via or (65) 9179 1401. Please note that only selected designs are available for consignment.


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